You need income. The higher, the better but any income can work if you’re diligent. For most people, the key to driving income growth will be to develop their careers but others may develop a business or side business to grow their earnings.



You must spend less than you earn. It’s vital. Even if you make $1 million a year, if you spend it all you won’t get to FI. You need to control expenses to maximize the difference between income and spending (within reason, of course. You don’t have to be frugal to the point of hating life). 



You take your savings and invest to grow it. While I opt for index funds, exchange traded fund and single stocks, there are many other ways to invest for success.

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MEET Index Tracking ETF

ETF : State Street SPDR [SPY]

The investment seeks to provide investment results that, before expenses, correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the S&P 500® Index. The Trust seeks to achieve its investment objective by holding a portfolio of the common stocks that are included in the index (the “Portfolio”), with the weight of each stock in the Portfolio substantially corresponding to the weight of such stock in the index.

ETF : Invesco QQQ Trust [QQQ]

The investment seeks investment results that generally correspond to the price and yield performance of the NASDAQ–100 Index®. To maintain the correspondence between the composition and weights of the securities in the trust (the "securities") and the stocks in the NASDAQ-100 Index®, the adviser adjusts the securities from time to time to conform to periodic changes in the identity and/or relative weights of index securities. The composition and weighting of the securities portion of a portfolio deposit are also adjusted to conform to changes in the index.

Table: YOY Fund Performance SPY & QQQ




Create brokerage account to start your investing journey.

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* get free access to stock investing video course

Step 1

+ Start with $USD200

+ Try to invest $USD200

every month consistently.

* Projected accumulated fund after 25 years equivalent to RM1 Million

Step 2

Consider becoming our affiliate partner to help more people to start their myFIRE journey.

By doing that, you can generate steady extra income to make your financial independence faster.

Step 3



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