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Peter will share with you his expertise, acquired from years of experience navigating the financial markets. Read more here about Peter. What Will You Learn? The Benefits of trading Forex vs stocks or futures, Forex market participants, Brokers vs market makers, Is there a best time to trade Forex? What is the range of the Market during the Tokyo, London, and New York sessions, Are there any particular pairs I should trade and if so which ones and what time? Is one day of the week better for trading than another? Register quickly to guarantee your place on the first webinar of the series, and benefit from live Q&A during the session. Kind regards

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Siapa yang perlu menyertai webinar ini dan mengapa? Pedagang baru yang kurang berpengalaman atau yang mahir patut hadir ke webinar yang bermanfaat ini untuk menambah ilmu analisa teknikal. Apa yang anda belajar daripada webinar ini?

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  • Perancangan pelaburan

  • Psikologi pedagang

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