[FIB] EURO lembu gila.

Tema pasaran

Jangka pendek ialah BULLISH

Jangka panjang BEARISH

EURUSD dilihat telah membuat pertukaran arah yang kuat semenjak dari paras terendah 1.1300 pada 15 Ogos.

Pada masa ini harga ialah 1.1700 iaitu 400pips bullish trend.

Paras R1 1.1650 telah ditembusi dan buyer(pembeli) berkemungkinan menguasai pasaran sehingga ke paras R2 1.7500 sebelum mendapat tekanan jualan dari sellers(penjual).


Sell zone di zon harga 1.1750 - 1.1830

Target jangka pendek 1.1550

Paras kerugian 1.1880


Highlights USD:

  • Libor has risen sharply over OIS, highlighting the tightness in dollar funding.

  • Yield spreads (specially premium over Germany and Japan) should gravitate in the USD’s favour as the Fed Funds rate extends its glacial ascent above other key cash rates.

  • The market hasn’t fully priced the upcoming rate hike together with the balance sheet reduction program, which may be more aggressive than some in the market had expected.

  • The Fed’s balance sheet shrinks relative to the ECB and the BoJ’s balance sheets.

  • Changes in tax policies are expected to create a huge demand for US dollar abroad because of repatriation of dollars back to the U.S

Highlights EURO

  • Some EU members, with the support of President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, intend to block Britain from euro clearing.

  • Growth has converged, but monetary policy has not. Experts argue peak divergence - on the respective balance sheets - is still ahead.

  • Germany continues to grapple with its political troubles and the possibility of facing new elections in 2018.

  • The Euro’s appreciation is likely to spur the ECB's policy response, most likely verbal intervention on the euro being too strong.

  • The credibility of the ECB could be affected if the environment changes forcing the central bank to renege on its earlier guidance. Rates may not rise until well after the end of asset purchases, which would push the first rate hike out to 2019.

  • ECB tightening could increase the borrowing costs for countries like Italy and Spain.

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