Eurnzd - menanti peluang buy

EURNZD (Sila LIKE sebagai tanda sokongan atas perkongsian analisa saya) Analisa Fundamental


ECB Announces TLTRO 3 Says No Hikes in 2019 Starting to see mild improvements amidst weakening data in 2019 EU Car tariffs and Brexit are potential risks GE 10 year rates below 0.1%

New Zealand

RBNZ leaves rates unchanged no hike until 2021 Dairy prices finally stabilizing NZD cheapest vs.AUD in 17 months Economy doing well with growth solid over the past year But the housing market and Chinese growth could be a problem NZ 10 year rates drop below 2.1%

Bias - kecenderungan Fundamental EURNZD Neutral Teknikal BUY

Laporan Utama Akan Keluar Minggu Ini: Khamis NZD GDP q/q Khamis EU Economic Summit BREXIT

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